6 Aussies and a Yank walk into a bar and never come out...


is born.


This is Balter.

More than just a name…

“(v.)...to dance artlessly without particular skill or grace, but usually with enjoyment.”

BALTER is the sense of enjoyment you get from doing something you love, whether you’re good at it or not.

The cool thing is this enjoyment can be found anywhere. You could be winning world titles, or simply feeling triumphant because you’ve navigated the mind bend of putting an ikea shelf together. Its purest origins can be found at the end of a good day’s work when you sit back, sip on an epic beer and go... aaaah!

At Balter, we’re all about celebrating that enjoyment with you, because beer is more than just a drink: it draws tribes together and is a companion to many great moments in life.

Our #1 philosophy is that your taste buds come first. A neat can and cool place to hang are great, but if our brews don’t tickle your tongue and put a grin on your head then we haven’t done our job.


The beer.

Your taste buds come first.

Our key job is making sure your beer tastes great. That’s why we have a gun head brewer, use the best ingredients and combine natural processes with the latest technology to deliver the best flavours we can.

In the first 12 months at Balter we’ll be releasing three foundation beers, each designed to cater to a specific character.

The first is our XPA and it goes a little something like this...

It might be pale but there’s nothing weak about this bad boy. This XPA’s tropical and floral aromatics set off a fruity palette that will punch your taste buds in the pleasure zone. Tailored for those who enjoy a fully-hopped beer that’s still easy to drink.

The other two beers will be unveiled in the coming months.

Beyond the three main styles, you’ll also be able to enjoy limited release brews, Balter Door tastings and more. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates. Don’t worry, like beer we believe newsletters should be enjoyed in moderation, so your inbox will always look forward to the next Balter drop.


The brewer.

It’s all about the beer… enter Scott Hargrave, multi-award winning Australian brewer.

Scott was bitten by the brewing bug in March 2006 and started as an avid home brewer. A year later he was awarded “Best First Time Entrant” at the Australian Amateur Brewing Championships.

He went on to win local, state and national amateur titles, with his hefeweizen winning gold as the highest scoring beer in the 2007 ACT Championship and winning the Wheat Beer category at the Australian Amateur Brewing Championships. He was just nudged out by half a point for Champion Beer of Show.

Inside two years from brewing his first all-grain beer, Scott was offered a commercial brewing gig as brewer at the Sunshine Coast Brewery in Queensland. Within six months had won the 2009 AIBA Champion Reduced Alcohol Beer, finished second to the world-famous Weinstephaner Brewery with his Sunshine Coast Dunkelweizen, and was a finalist in the Champion Small Brewery category to show for his efforts.

In May 2015 Scotty won two Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) for Best Australian Style Pale Ale and Best European Style Lager for previous employer Byron Bay Brewing Company.

Scott is now Head Brewer at BALTER, in charge of keeping your taste buds happy.

Balter HQ.

Tasting House, Event Hub, Brewing Palace

Balter HQ is a brewery with an open door policy. You can come and tour the facility, taste the beers and enjoy special events, great music, food trucks and fun crew.

Inside the spacious, warehouse style set up, you’ll find lots of brick, concrete, copper pipes and some art by Frank and Mimi on the wall. Beer tasting happens just meters from the brewing equipment, so if you’re into seeing exactly where your drop comes from, it’s a perfect spot to chill. There’s an alley way to hang out in, areas to chat with mates, and really, really nice toilets. We know, it’s kind of weird to bring toilets up, but if you couldn’t relax in every part of the place, then we wouldn’t invite you in.