• Balter Beer Growler

    They have finally arrived! Balter’s very own growlers now available online and in the taproom. They have more features than Homer Simpsons car “The Homer” and are very photogenic as seen in this photo. Here are some specs and what makes the Balter Growler special:


    • 2L volume or around 5.33333333333333... Balter Tinnies.
    • Vacuum sealed double wall construction means your beer stays cold for up to 12 hours. The flip side is it keeps things damn hot as well. Want to take some of Grandma's soup to work on a cold winters day? Hello Balter growler.
    • Made from 304 stainless steel. We didn’t know what that meant either until we looked into making our own, but basically means 'tough as nails'.
    • Airtight rubber seal
    • Laser etched logo so it won't scratch off any time soon.
    • About half the weight of a glass growler
    • It had some sweet handles for making it easy to pour and carry.
    • Standard growler size so you won’t be turned away from your local bar/brewery who do refills.


    Only left!
    Sorry, Sold Out!
    • Balter Beer Growler
    • Balter Beer Growler
    • Balter Beer Growler
    • Balter Beer Growler

    AUD $65.00