Brewery Tours run Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Click the button above to book or find out more below!

Brewery Tours


Just like the miracle of life, there is the miracle of beer. How did a glass of bubbling, liquid gold come to existence? It is a journey of mixing, probing, fermenting, and craftsmanship.

Embark on this journey as you get lost - both figuratively and often physically - in the world of Balter on a Brewery Tour. Learn about how the beer you're holding came to be as you drink it (pretty cool eh?).

Run by our in-house beer guru, you'll get a full look at all the shiny gadgets that help bring our beer to life, plus, we'll shout the first round.

Tours are available in up to groups of 12 at the times listed below. So grab your mates, book a tour, and make a night out of it for $30 a ticket.

Tour Times




10:30am Saturday

A little something extra for those who really, really love beer.

One of life's greatest joys, besides beer, is learning about it. Sit down with our in-house beer guru and recreate the brewing process to learn how we turn water, malt, hops, and yeast into a cold, fresh schooner of Beer.

Once you're a brewing master, we will show you around the Brewery where you can ask all the hard hitting questions like:

  • What do those big, shiny things do?
  • Why does that look like breakfast cereal for a giant?
  • What's that thing about yeast eating sugar?

There's no homework involved, just beer, banter, and enjoyment. Starting off at $50 per person, this tour includes a run through of how beer is made, a tour of the brewery with fresh beer off the packaging line, and a tasting paddle at the end. 


Private tours are also available for corporate groups, team days, or those with lots of friends.

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