Want to win $60k in cash & prizes playing the world's greatest beer sport?

Want to win $60k in cash & prizes playing the world's greatest beer sport?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the above, then brace yourself. The Tins of Glory World Tinnie Hurling Championships is coming to the Balter Taproom on Saturday, March 9th, and it's bringing a whopping 60K in cash and prizes with it. Now, hold onto your tinnies, because we've kept a limited amount of spots just for you, our online community. 

Get me in the game coach, how do I secure a spot?

Step 1: Head to our @balterbrewers Instagram page, find the competition posted on 20/02/24 (or click this link).

Step 2. In the comments section of the post, tag your team mate who you want to bring to the big dance.

Step 3. On the same comment, write down your most creative beer-related team name.
Some inspo: The Britney Beers, The Usain Balters, Tinny Tinny Bang Bang, Denzel Frothingtons

That’s it! Once entries close (on Wed, February 28th, 11.59 AEST), our team of creative critics will use a strict criteria of ‘what made us cackle’ to pick 10 winning teams. These teams will fast track to the Tins of Glory World Tinnie Hurling Championships on March 9th, a sought after position amongst elite athletes globally. 
***If you win this is just the ticket to compete (travel not included). 

What's Tins of Glory? 

Only the greatest beer sport in the world (we’re not biased 😉).  

Picture this: you're at Balter Taproom and you're hurling tinnies down a 4.5 metre table with your best mate, scoring points and shooting for glory. The only thing standing between you and victory is the team you're up against, and whether you're a shit hurler or not.  All you need is a partner, a competitive spirit, and some warmed up elbows.

Still don't get it? Check out this hype reel and you will realise all of your dreams are about to come true. 

Entries close on Wednesday, February 28th 11.59 AEST 2024. 
10 winning teams will be announced on Friday, March 1st 2024.

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