Balter x Craft Coast West Coast IPA

Balter x Craft Coast West Coast IPA

We’re taking Beer Lovers On A Mouth Holiday To San Diego

There’s some spots you travel to that feel like coming home. The people are your people, the surroundings gel with your vibe, the beer somehow tastes deliciouser. For 2024, we’re taking beer lovers on a Mouth Holiday to those special spots they love re-visiting again and again – from the craft-brewing meccas of California, to the hop-rich hills of New Zealand. Each stop will showcase a limited-edition beer that tastes like a great place. Made in Australia, in collaboration with some of the most talented characters in the brewing world.

“As with most Mouth Holiday releases we’re stoked to work with great brewers I’ve known and been mates with for years,” says Balter Head Brewer, Scott Hargrave. “We’ve sat on beer judging panels together, argued about brewing philosophy, and have different but complementary approaches to beer, music and facial hair. The first guy is Blake Masoner, who cut his teeth at legendary San Diego brewpub pioneers Pizza Port and now does his own thing with Craft Coast. He’s at ground zero for the West Coast craft brewing scene, so was the obvious choice to explore a West Coast IPA with.”

"From the first time I met Scotty and the Balter crew, I knew we were going to be amigos!” adds Blake. “Since then they have taken me on as one of their own...the "Honorary Aussie" and I've been fortunate enough to build a brotherhood with Scotty that will last a lifetime. We've laughed over many beers, my endless Men at Work references and the fact that I thought AC/DC was from New Zealand (which Scotty hated!). We've also put our minds together multiple times creating beers at Craft Coast and refining our own XPA based on his legendary recipe which I firmly believe is the best craft beer in the world. When I was asked to collab on a recipe to be brewed at Balter I was absolutely floored, such an honor and privilege to even be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys. The whole Balter team has become a part of our extended family and I'm so stoked to see our logos side by side on a tinnie. Next challenge...get Balter beer to America!"

This special edition West Coast IPA will come in a unique can to mark the limited nature of the release. Stops two and three on the 2024 Mouth Holiday will be announced soon but, for now, the first sip goes a little something like this: 

Craft Coast’s award-winning brewer Blake Masoner is a huge human with a huge heart that makes hugely tasty beer. He’s the perfect person to conduct a taste tour of his home’s signature West Coast IPA. Combining Balter's hop-focused impact and Craft Coast's So-Cal brewing pedigree, this big, boisterous IPA will take your tastebuds on a well-earned holiday. We hope you enjoy the ride to Hop County, San Diego.

Available from April 10th at First Choice and Vintage Cellars nationally and Liquorland in QLD/NSW while stocks last

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