2024 Tins of Glory Championship Wrap-Up!

2024 Tins of Glory Championship Wrap-Up!

The air was thick with anticipation as teams from across the world (*cough* Australia) gathered at the Balter Taproom on Saturday, March 9th, for the 2024 Tins of Glory World Tinnie Hurling Championship – the pinnacle of tinnie hurling excellence. Amidst the clatter of cans and the cheers of the crowd, history was made.

The Winners: Team ‘Beer Pressure’

From no knowledge of the sport to world champions in less than six months, Beer Pressure's journey was nothing short of legendary.

Their journey began at a Sydney qualifier event, where they were unexpectedly called upon not once, but twice, to fill a vacant spot despite their unfamiliarity with Tinnie Hurling. After a healthy dose of pressure (Beer Pressure) they said yes. Their perseverance paid off as they emerged victorious in Sydney and secured their ticket to the big dance, where they took the sports greatest honour, bagging 20k each for their efforts and donating a bonus 20k to their charity @beyondblueofficial.

The Competitors

There were losers but you get the sense everybody who stepped up to the table won in some small part. Possibly the best tins showing we've ever had. The calibre of athlete, the energy of the crowd, the enjoyment.  Every hurl and every spill contributed to the spectacle that was the Tins of Glory Championship.  Geeeeeeez... we're still buzzing. Can't wait to do it again. 

The Highlights Video

Jordan's Chicago Bulls, Qld Maroons Dynasty, The All Blacks and now, Beer Pressure. Climbing to the mountain top of world sport isn't easy but when you get there the views are breathtaking. Not everybody is cut out for the altitude. Do you think you've got the lungs for it? 


As we bid adieu to another epic Tins of Glory Championship, we raise a tinnie to all the athletes, vendors, and fans who made this event possible. Until next time, tinnie hurlers.

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