Balter-y bios: James.

Balter-y bios: James.

From the get-go, we’ve known that one of the most important elements of great beer are the people who make it. The ones who show up everyday – some of them on weekends and in the early hours of mornings – and contribute their part to bringing fresh Balter to your fridges. Every member of our Balter family has a story and so much insight to offer into our business, so we thought it was high time we share it!

There was a James in the bible and there’s also one in our Brewery. The one in the bible liked wine, this one likes beers…. Introducing James, our Brewing Team Leader. 

Growing up around the hop region of Kent in the UK, James scored his first brewing gig at Shepherds Neame, Britain's oldest Brewery est. 1698! Starting out on the packaging line, the ol' Shepherds quickly discovered James' talent and work ethic and so he progressed into the Lab team, where he began to master his craft.

Despite his fellow countrymen, James likes his beer cold and fresh (a heatwave out West will do that to a man). When first landing in Aus, James worked as the postman in the country town of Moree, NSW, where he delivered mail to 220 houses on a 244 km round trip... daily. 

Clearly this is a fella who knows how to hustle, which lucky for all of us, plays a huge roll in filling fridges and taps around the country with fresh beer. One of the smiliest people you'll meet, James oversees our entire Brewing team and ensures all production runs without a hitch.

"It gives me a deep sense of pride to take a case of Balter to a BBQ and watch people's reactions as they sip on a Tinnie," says James. "I think to myself 'I helped to make that' and it brings me a lot of joy."

"For me it's all about the product. This is a drink that's been brewed for over 4000 years and here I am at the forefront of defining modern Australian Beer. That's pretty special."

James' philosophy towards beer is that 'freshness and consistency in quality are key', which is what drew him to Balter in the first place. So, every time you’re sipping on a Balter, know there’s a little bit of James in your mouth (because he had something to do with brewing your beer… Obviously). 

On ya Jimmy! 

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