Cloudburst x Balter... A Juicy Seattle HAZY IPA!

Cloudburst x Balter... A Juicy Seattle HAZY IPA!

Normally you have to travel somewhere in a winged metal tube. We’re making it possible in a tasty metal tin. No, it’s not some kind of freaky quantum mechanics. It’s a Balter Mouth Holiday!

Last year we took you and your tastebuds to New Zealand. This year, we’re boarding for the land of big serving sizes, big personalities, and big flavour… The USA.  Our first stop on this all new flavour tour is a Seattle inspired Hazy IPA, brewed alongside our mates at Cloudburst Brewing. Coming in a 375ml, red, white & blue tin, that goes a little something like this…

 Did you know there’s nothing to do in rainy Seattle except sit inside listening to music, drinking beer? Yes! Take us there! This Hazy IPA is your first stop on a USA Mouth holiday, touring America’s best craft breweries. Made in collaboration with Cloudburst’s hop maestro Steve Luke, it’s big and bright and full of character (a little like him and his beer cans). Say hello to Hazy IPA and let it rain deliciousness.

“When you travel, it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the people you meet there,” says Balter Head Brewer, Scott Hargrave.

“What’s their spin on things? How do they look at the world? How do they prepare food? How do they make beer? This is a chance to mix our way of doing things to create something we’d never dream up alone.”

Watch the making of the Balter x Cloudburst Seattle inspired Hazy IPA...

So, who is the man behind CloudBurst? Introducing Steve Luke, the great man brewing great beers out of Seattle. 

Watch the raw and uncut interview here where he chats epiphany beers, how the brewery got it's name & a well considered rant about Untapp'd...

For the next stop on our American flavour tour we’ll be jetting down the California Coast to Orange County’s Green Cheek, before climbing back up to Santa Barbara County to Buellton, home of the great Figueroa Mountain Brewing. You can expect each brew to showcase the local personality of the area with a big splash of Balter culture thrown in.

To take yourself on a Mouth Holiday to Seattle, head down to your local beer agent and book in a ticket from today!

Available exclusively through Liquorland, First Choice and Vintage Cellars around the country (excluding Northern Territory). Click below to find a stockist near you! 

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