BIRTHDAY REFLECTION #2 - TINS OF GLORY - We've always said what happens around beer is as important as the beer itself. So in the pursuit of making the very best beer we could, we also wanted to create the very best moments we could.  Tinnie Hurling was born.

Each year we celebrate the world's greatest Tinnie Hurlers at Tins Of Glory. A sport inspired by Tom Cruise slinging drinks down a bench in the movie Cocktail. What started as a taproom challenge of slinging tins down our 12m Caesar stone bench quickly transformed into a fully fledged sport, and literally from a dream.

"After chatting with friends I went home and that night and went to bed restless." says Stirls (Tinnie Hurling inventor) "At 2am I had this dream and the whole thing played out in real time. I woke up and started scribbling down every detail. I drew the table, wrote down a bunch of game play rules and then went back to sleep. In the morning it could have been a page gibberish and scribble, but it was a fully fledged sport. A sport that would bring immense enjoyment to all who play it. Thanks for the notepad beside my bed and thanks Tom Cruise." Here's a look at the first video we ever made. Like most Balter clips full of our staff and friends and Stirls even recorded the singing components of the song.

For our 8th Birthday it's only fitting the World Tinnie Hurling Champs will be on this weekend! Come down to Balter HQ and get involved. We have 3 lucky door prizes for people to compete for 60K in cash and prizes. : ) #withenjoyment #welovegoodbeer #gamesareforbabiesthisisforglory

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