Yakima Valley Hop Harvest

Yakima Valley Hop Harvest

There’s nothing quite like being at hop harvest in Yakima. The past two weeks Scotty has been blind selecting  every hop that will find it’s way into a Balter beer for the coming year.

His hop resin laden hands and beard are signs of a brewer that has been face first in some of the most beautifully pungent flowers known to man. In this process Scotty is looking for hops for our core range beers that provide you with the quality and consistency you've come to expect from us. Plus dreaming up exciting possibilities of flavour and aroma combinations for every new beer we will release next year. If you could only smell these photos you’d get a sense there’s some good beers coming your way 🍻😊

A massive thanks to Yakama Chief Hops for your warmth and hospitality. To the Carpenters, Smith and Perrault families for making us feel so welcome. The dedication and care the entire network Yakama Chief hop farms apply to their craft allows us brewers the best chance of showcasing this beautiful little flower to the world.

Big love from Scotty, Stirls and the entire Balter family. Now let’s make some beer! #welovegoodbeer #withenjoyment  

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