Loftus Express - a Farm to Pint collaboration

Loftus Express - a Farm to Pint collaboration

G'day Mates!

We've got an incredible beer release for you with an equally incredible story.Balter has teamed up with Loftus Ranches and Yakima Chief Hops to bring you the 2024 Edition of Farm to Pint. A beer that celebrates true collaboration, where farmers grow hops with passion and precision, and brewers craft beers with creativity and care. Together, they ensure that every pint tells a story of dedication and quality, right from the fields to your glass.

So if you love your beer, are curious about beer, or simply want to understand why a beer can taste so damn good, then this is the beer release you should get around.

Grab a 4pack or carton from any of these good beer outlets and then fire up Youtube to watch The Hopumentary - A Farm to Pint Story

Cheers - The Balter team

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