Birthday Post #1 - Appreciation week.

Birthday Post #1 - Appreciation week.

It’s our 8th Birthday this Friday!

To celebrate 8 years since we poured our first beer this week we’ll take a little run down memory lane and reflect on 8 moments that have shaped us. The events, the beers, the people and even some of the absurd videos we’ve whacked together in the spirit of enjoyment! We hope you enjoy this little nostalgia trip and thanks for sharing it with us along the way 🍻🫶🏼 #withenjoyment

Shot 1: Bede’s big old grin. The original with enjoyment inspiration. What you can’t see here is his broken pelvis. A wipe out at Pipeline left him broken in two and unable to walk. He was told he’d be lucky surf again let alone compete. Bede kept his grin, applied himself to the rehab and 12 months later he’d be back on tour competing a whole year and then retiring on his terms. Always grinning. Leeegend.

Shot 2: MF and Kerrzy dropping a keg off to Rick Shores. We delivered around 40 kegs in our first week. It felt so good. Our largest keg week to date has been 6892. Still feels good : )

Shot 3: Parko posing in front of the kegs while Scotty fills them. The kegs have since been made into Bar Stools.

Shot 4: The founders at our first ever Balter event in Cooly. Parko giving Ant a wedgey.


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