We love good beer.

We love good beer.

G'day Folks,

It's Stirling here. Just a little update about something we dropped into the world today.

If you're lurking around the internet, watching some tele or going for a drive there's a chance you might bump into our new campaign 'We love good beer'. 

Why am I writing to you about it? Well, we wanted to share it with you first, but also have a little yarn about how you inspired it. So I guess it's a thank you of sorts as well.

The story of this campaign goes back to 2015, about one year before we poured our first XPA. We were chatting about how good beer shares a lot of qualities with a good host - they are both approachable, thoughtful, and value character over currency. Above all, both help to bring a wide range of people together and get them smiling, because in the famous words of Head Brewer Scotty Hargrave, "good beer is for everyone".

With our beliefs throwing wind in our sails, we set off to share them with anyone who was up for it. And because we only make beers we actually want to drink, we thought there'd be a few other folks out there who'd want to drink these beers too.

Seven years on we've seen these founding values come to life through a beer and brand that connects with a diverse range of palates and people, and these new ads simply celebrate that. So they're not really ads, they're more like extremely short documentaries, and our hope is that everyone in Australia feels a sense of connection through good beer. 

Thanks for being the inspo behind the new work. Watch the long form below and you can check out all the spots here

From us to you with enjoyment.



Co Founder / Brand Director

Ps. A special thank you to all the people below that helped bring this piece of to work to life : )

Art Director: Ben Trueman
Marketing Coordinator: Mia Adams

Deloitte Digital Creative
APAC Chief Creative Officer: Matt Lawson
NZ Chief Creative Officer: Dan Wright
Creative Director: Thomas Darlow
Senior Art Director: Harry Skelton
Senior Copywriter: Erin Mattingly
Account Service: Abbi Barker
Account Service: Alex Peacock
Film Production: Phil Liefting

Production: Good Oil
Director: Dave Wood
Producer: Lee Thomson
Executive Producer: Andrew McLean
DOP: Marty Williams
Editor: Dan Kircher
Post Production: Stuart Bedford (Online), Matic Prusnik (Grade)
Audio: Liquid Studios
Sound Director: Peter Van der fluit
Sound Designer: Craig Matuschka
Executive Producer: Tamara O’Neill

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