Balter Lager... full of drinkableness.

Balter Lager... full of drinkableness.


Introducing Balter Lager - a taste that inspires great memories for beer lovers.

You never forget your first experience of something great. It sinks into your psyche and holds a special place forever. That first album you owned, the first car you drove, the first beer you drank. For many us, that first beer was a lager. Crisp and refreshing, it was enjoyed with mates at a BBQ, in the beer garden of your local, or at knock-off drinks to wash away the dust of the week. Ahhhhhhh. We're now introducing this beer of beers to their full-time line-up.

The Balter Lager replaces Pilsner as the go-to option when you want something that’s relaxing to drink without needing to think. With the familiar and humble nature of this beer, you just know in your heart it’ll deliver.

“We’ve had our Lager on tap at HQ for a while now and it has consistently sat as one of the top favourite options week after week,” says Balter Head Brewer, Scott Hargrave. “It shows less hop bitterness than the Pilsner, so has become the first choice for crew wanting a lager beer that's a little less demanding but still has plenty of taste.”

With lots of wonderfully intense flavours in the beer world right now, Balter lager offers an oasis of something simple in the best sense of the word. Great as a palate cleanser, a sessionable option, or a faithful flavour you can rely on, it goes a little something like this...

Crack open the window to a tastebud paradise of blue skies and salty sea breezes, where the word drinkableness exists. Yes. Say it out loud. Drinkableness. Our Balter Lager greets you with a casual citrus wave, subtle spicy grin and gentle malt hug. A happy place for your mouth. Full of drinkableness.

Balter Lager is available now from all excellent purveyors of beer.



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