Our newest Hazy bringing a world of flavour to your fridge.

Our newest Hazy bringing a world of flavour to your fridge.

Our last LIMITED for 2022, HAZY PALE ALE has landed in fridges across the country! Like that worldly little cousin who goes jet-setting around the globe for a gap year, Hazy Pale Ale draws global hop inspiration from USA, NZ & AUS to deliver a world of flavour. When you crack the can, expect flavours and aromas of pineapple, peach, and berry held together by a familiar lush, pillowy mouthfeel. You can get this well-travelled hop bomb at IBA outlets (Cellarbrations, Bottle-O, IGA Liquor & more) around the country today!

“This beer was a chance to start with a fresh piece of paper and build a new beer from the ground up,” says our Head Brewer Scott Hargrave. “It is the first time I’ve combined hops from around the world into one Hazy. I kept our house yeast strain consistent to give the beer that familiar lush, pillowy mouthfeel found in our core-range Hazy, however, the balance of Northern and Southern hemisphere hops bring new personalities of flavour to the table. It’s a really interesting beer to drink, it’s not all done in one mouthful, the flavours unravel as you get further into the glass.”

Hitting all the right buttons at 6% ABV, this juicy hop bomb can be found in a faded pink can and it reads a little something like this:

“Like a reverse berry pie, this freshly baked Hazy is pink on the outside and golden on the inside. New World USA and Southern Hemisphere hops combine to deliver lush tropical fruit and raspberry notes, supported by a wheat and oat base for an ultra creamy mouthfeel. Pull one out of the reverse oven (aka fridge) and enjoy with lashings of sunbeams.”

Our limited release Hazy Pale Ale will be available through Cellarbrations, IGA Liquor, and Bottle-O stores around the country from Monday 12/09. Find your nearest institute of drinkableness (aka bottle shop) through our beer locator.

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