Beerthdays celebrated across the Country!

Beerthdays celebrated across the Country!

Beerthdays… it's as simple as understanding that if you have a beer then it’s a special day. Our Happy Beerthdays campaign has encouraged Aussies to get together, over beers, to celebrate mates, because occasions shouldn’t just happen occasionally.

One thing is for sure, you lot know how to celebrate a Beerthday! 

Over the past couple of months we’ve watched Aussies sing, write, and gift their Beerthday love to friends all over the country. It’s been a heart warming response as people reached out to share a beer with a friend either in person or from a distance. We’ve seen messages celebrating Graduations, Fathers day, birthdays, new pets, new babies, and new jobs. There were folks who wanted to thank their mates for lending them their Netflix passwords and others who just wanted their friends to know they were thinking of them from across the country. There has been zoom co-ordinates sent for those locky-d internet beers and rain cheques for real life beers! 

As a result, we sent out over 500 Beerthday cards and 4-packs, and gave away 100 cases of XPA. Here is a few of the highlights that made us smile. 

  • Aaron Gilmore: “Happy 50th Beerthday in lockdown mate, here’s a couple of beers to make those trips out to the letterbox seem more exciting. Azza”
  •  Jack Davis: “Mitchell, don’t let the distance stop the enjoyment. Can’t wait to get back and have a beer with you. Happy Beerthday Legend.”
  • Daryl and Meredith: “Daryl, even though you’re a drongo, you never fail to make me smile. You’re so silly and I love that. Almost as much as I love you. Happy Beerthday. Love Meredith.”
  • Phil Hallinan: “Milan Thanks for being a mate and letting the family use your Disney account. Enjoy these while kicking back in lockdown! From Phil.”
  • Peter Steele: “Big Earl - lockdown can be hard for a single man and harder for the many ladies that can’t come to visit you. Ease your pain with some tasty beverages. From Stealy.”
  • Jackson Dale: “Dear Boarder, 'Chuffed' just came on Spotify and it reminded me how chuffed I am to be your best man. Sorry that you and Al had to postpone your wedding. So here are 8 things I thought of that will hopefully make it easier for you! Love, Jacko.”
  •  Marshall Clarke: “Dear Ed, I realise it's not your birthday, but that doesn't mean you can't have a Happy Beerthday! Miss you and Jen lots and hope to see your faces whenever interstate travel is possible. Love, Marshall & Georgia xo”
  • Shelly Casey: “Dear Sam, I’m sorry lockdown made you get all DIY inspired and it ended with you removing part of your finger. It’s OK - I still love you without it. You can practice opening cans with these! From Shelly.”
  • Alex Innes: “We can't go to the pub, so i sent some pub to you. Happy Beerthday mate!”

Thank you to everyone who got involved and celebrated Beerthdays. We don’t have anymore cases to give away, but that doesn’t mean the Beerthday loving has to come to and end. Keep on letting the people you love know how much you care with random acts of beer-ness.

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