Bunker Buster - A session beer by Balter

Bunker Buster - A session beer by Balter


Sometimes when things aren’t going the way you planned, you have to break out of the routine, confer with friends and bring in some new ideas. Our latest release beer is one that makes the best of things by using a little creative thinking and brewing three styles of beer into one tasty tin. Initially made to go into kegs, Bunker Buster quickly turned into a canned release when venues in Australia were forced to switch off the taps. 

“There was a moment when we thought we might have to pour it down the drain,” says head brewer, Scott Hargrave. “But then we got together and went, no, we’re really proud of this beer and it’s the perfect little reward at the end of the day once the kids are settled in bed. You can wind down, connect with mates on the phone and get a sense of normalcy. That’s been a silver lining of this whole thing. We’re reaching out to people and having thoughtful conversations without noise or distraction. If this beer can prompt more of that we’d be stoked. It’s a nice pacemaker.”

The Bunker Buster release is the result of an experimental batch of beers where Scott took inspiration from three different styles of beer and threaded them together in one brew.

“We had a lot of success with the Hazy beers last year and went, hang on, what if we take that Hazy template and go back in ABV?” explains Scott. “When I changed the gravity of the beer, you didn’t just have Hazy with 30% less alcohol. It changes that whole character and mouthfeel. I maintained the bitterness of a San Diego Pale Ale and added a dry brut IPA finish. The first came in at 5.2% and everyone who got a taste in the taproom loved it. We then dialed back again to 4.5% and it turned out even better. It’s a tasty little beer that’s friendly on the palate. Quite a flavour journey inside a session beer.”

Coming in a tri-colour stripe can as a nod to the three styles of beer that influenced the release, Balter Bunker Buster goes a little something like this...

Bunker Buster is all about bringing tastes (and mates) together. It’s part San Diego pale ale, part hazy and part dry brut without being exclusively any of those things. Succulent US hops deliver lime, passionfruit and hints of coconut, while rolled wheat adds a lean but creamy base to balance out a zesty bitter finish (28IBU). Light up your face with your friends on screen and a tin in hand.

Bunker Buster will be available for takeaways at venues all around Australia from Wednesday May 13th. Support your closest stockist by heading to Balter.com/beer-locator




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