Corey Wilson Art Show

Corey Wilson Art Show

On March 10th 2017, Balter HQ was lucky enough to host Corey Wilson's first art exhibition. Showcasing some of Corey's best work on two large projectors the night was no ordinary exhibition.

Hitting max capacity by 7pm the venue was filled with surf legends, shapers, photographers and of course beer enthusiasts.

The night included a slideshow of photographs, three DHD surfboards especially made for the event as well as a small range of prints lying throughout the brewery. Besides showcasing Corey's art, beer sales from the event were used to raise money for Chloe Maxwell's Foundation 4 ASD Kids, and with your help we raised $1000.

Although there were no formalities to the event, the relaxed atmosphere allowed people to chill out, have a good feed and down a few good brews, all whilst enjoying the epic work of the man himself.

For more of Corey's work check out his insty below:

Ps. Despite rumors on talk back radio no short blondes or tall female radio hosts were harmed in the making of this exhibition. 


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