CryoHaze hitting shelves again!

CryoHaze hitting shelves again!

Fresh off a debut in the Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2021 your favourite Balter hop bomb is back! From 16th February CRYOHAZE is hitting the shelves of over 700 Liquorland and First Choice bottle shops around the country.

We have a bunch of new beers coming in 2022 but hopefully, this will scratch the itch of hundreds of people who’ve hammered our DM’s asking for this juicy, full-bodied Hazy to fill their fridges once more.

What the can says...

Like getting flushed in the face with a fruity fluro firehose - CryoHaze brings a full colour palette to your mouth palate. Swishes of guava and dashes of bubblegum are highlighted by a creamy combo of passionfruit and berries, all painted over a dank resin primer. The unique family portrait of a West Coast IPA’s Hazy brother. CryoHaze is your caricature with character.

What the Brewer says...

“This one first launched at beer festivals and it felt like you turned the tap and kept putting glasses under it without turning things off,” says Balter Head Brewer Scott Hargrave about the beer. “It was great to see that live first hand and the people simply deciding this is where their tastebuds are at without preamble or marketing prompts. Once we launched it in a can, that trend just kept going. To team up on an exclusive and bring back for another short run is a real win for those who backed it (and selfishly for us too because we want to drink it again as well).”

Click here for our dedicated CryoHaze Beer Locator, CryoHaze will be available nationwide. Big cheers to Liquorland and First Choice for bringing back a crowd favourite, we hope you enjoy sipping on our first limited release of 2022. 

From the Team at Balter. 

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