Dry Haze Limited Release 375ml

Dry Haze Limited Release 375ml


We kicked off 2020 with a ripper collab with our good mates across the ditch at Garage Project.
Fast forward through a whirlwind 12 months, now DRY HAZE is back to see us out the year and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

This super limited release new 375ml format will be available from tomorrow at selected venues and bottleshops with the Beer Locator going LIVE now >>  https://www.balter.com.au/beer-locator#/beers=DRYHAZE

If you're not sure what we're yapping on about or wondering what even is this 'DRY HAZE' stuff; it goes a little something like this...

Founded on a friendship formed at the Yakima Valley hop harvest and inspired by an exciting new hop variety, we’ve brewed up a very special collaboration. Two versions, one brewed at each of our respective breweries, both showcasing a specially selected lot of Yakima Chief’s new 2019 harvest Sabro hops fresh from the legendary Perrault Farm, blended with Motueka at Balter and Galaxy at the Garage. Designed with a lighter body, hop character shines through in these refreshingly dry hazy brews, each bursting with their own unique blend of tropical fruits, citrus, tangerine and coconut. Isn’t it nice when we all get along.


ABV 6% IBU 20


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