Friends of Balter #1 | Frank & Mimi

Friends of Balter #1 | Frank & Mimi

At Balter we make beer. That journey is made better by all the good folk we meet along the way. Friends of Balter is a series of short films about people who inspire us and who we collaborate with to bring you Balter. Episode one is Visual Artists Frank and Mimi who painted our internal mural.

About Frank & Mimi

Frank & Mimi are a Brisbane based visual identity studio run by duo Rick Hayward and Emily Devers.

Rick is a qualified sign writer with over 10 years experience, and Emily is an accomplished multidisciplinary fine artist. Together, they are Frank & Mimi.

Frank & Mimi celebrates the beauty that's reflected in both the errors and triumphs of the human hand. With a strong focus on developing unique and timeless concepts, they combine traditional sign painting techniques with contemporary design and execution. 

You can look at their work or hire their skills here




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