Introducing Captain Sensible

Introducing Captain Sensible

It's with enjoyment we introduce you to Captain Sensible.

There are times when you want to let your hair halfway down. Throw your hands in the air like you care a fair bit. Drive the party bus down the highway at 97km/h. Introducing Captain Sensible, Balter’s new mid-strength beer that lets you celebrate with the best of them, yet not get too loose like the rest of ‘em. At 3.5% ABV it has been a beer long requested by Balter fans and even longer considered by the brew team.

“We took this beer as seriously as designated driver duty,” says Balter Head Brewer Scott Hargrave. “If done well, mid-strength beers are a delight to drink, but you need to work hard to bring out a full taste when you have less dancefloor to work with. You want people to be satisfied with just a couple, but also create something you can continue to drink and still be interested in.That’s the trick, finding that balance. After 18 months of testing and countless different brews to get there, we think we’ve finally cracked it.”

The latest can in Balter’s full-time lineup, Captain Sensible completes a well-rounded offering that lets everyone have something to drink come beer o’clock. That inclusive nature of letting more people enjoy craft beer is something that has been part of Balter’s philosophy right from the start.

“We’ve always said good beer is for everyone,” explains Hargrave further. “We want people to enjoy themselves no matter what their taste, or mood, or situation at the time. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re missing out when you’re doing the right thing. The crowning achievement of this beer would be having people drink it because it tastes great, not necessarily because it’s mid-strength. That way you’re still part of the show 100% and can have a flavoursome sip without any guilt or FOMO kicking in.”

Dressed in a can with a buttercup yellow stripe and available nationwide from September 4th, Captain Sensible goes a little like this:

Sensible like contributing to your super fund with the pleasure of riding a supercharged jetski. This ale balances refined malt undertones against vivacious hop notes to round out a full taste and mouthfeel that defies its mid-strength nature. Perfect for those who like to keep a lid on it, but still want to crack the top off a couple.

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