Simple Skills Workshop # 4

Simple Skills Workshop # 4

Simple Skills #4 - Cooking with smoke

Every month Balter gets involved with Mr Simple and their Simple Skills workshops. From brewing beer to welding a bike frame, Simple Skills is a monthly series of casual workshops where you can hang out with like-minded folk, share a beer, and learn something practical from an expert. You know, like humans used to do before the internet. See below about hat's happening this month! It'll be a good'n!

Nothing beats the flavour of meat cooked with wood-fired smoke. If you’ve always wanted to master this ancient technique, this is the workshop for you. Drink beer while Mark LaBrooy from the Three Blue Ducks covers all the basics, from breaking down a whole beast to smoking a leg of deer.

July 27 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Department of Simple Things
248 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay

Ticket price includes beers, snacks, bbq cooked by Mark, and a Mr Simple T-shirt. Bargain!

Limited spots available.

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