The Big Slab Making a Big Difference

The Big Slab Making a Big Difference

We stole that headline from the newspaper.... But it's true, The Big Slab also has a big heart and we’ve teamed up with the even bigger hearted folks from Tip Jar Fund.

We all know the hospo industry has been smashed since Covid hit and Tip Jar Fund aim to raise 100K to spend on feeding, housing, employing and supporting the food and beverage industry in Australia.
So apart from having a good laugh these past coupla days The Big Slab has a purpose. We've designed a BIG SLAB Tourism Merch Collection where all profits go to the Tip Jar Fund. It’s available for preorder now and ships in 3 weeks! Tees, coolers and one of the most epic tea towels you’ve seen since ya Nans collection from the 70’s! Check it out here
So community, we ask if you have the means please get behind these wonderful people and if you don’t want the merch, you can simply leave them a tip here at the Tip Jar Fund

Why Tip Jar? “We were looking for a light-hearted way to draw attention to the serious issue COVID-19 flow-in issues affecting the hospitality industry we all love so much.” says Balter co-founder and Brand Director Stirling Howland.

FUN FACT: If 10,000 of our 100,000 Insta and Facebook community all gave $10 we’d help Tip Jar Fund smash their 100k target!


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