The Story of Jase & Em - Stacks Burgerhouse Now Open

The Story of Jase & Em - Stacks Burgerhouse Now Open

This week a really epic burger joint opened in Kiama Downs on the NSW South Coast and we just wanted to share the story. Jase and Em, congratulations for getting the doors opened in the face of some testing times. You're a real inspiration and we are so proud to be a part of your journey and we wish you nothing but happiness and prosperity.

Love from the Balter Family.


A post from Em on September 27th.

We thought we should let you all know why it has taken a little longer than expected to open Stacks Burger House & Eatery than originally planned. We weren’t sure if we should say anything but Stacks is already part of our local community and people in Kiama Downs have already been so supportive for our little family. Some of you already know Jase one of the owners was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. We were told it was supposed to be benign and slow growing.

With more symptoms starting to present themselves he went for a checkup with his specialist - luckily he did.

Jase’s tumour was growing rapidly and had tripled in size. He needed surgery to remove it ASAP.

BUT our son was due in just a few short weeks so the doctors agreed to give us some time so we could have Lenny and allow Jase to bond with him before his surgery.

Three weeks ago Jase underwent major brain surgery and fortunately, they were able to remove all of a tumour and it was a success.

We are now more motivated than ever to open the doors to Stacks and make it the best experience for our customers. This week we have started the fitout and we are looking to open in November. We are so thankful for our wonderful community and all of your support. It has shown us just how great and supportive the KD community is and one of the reasons why we choose to raise our young family here. We look forward to seeing you all at Stacks love Jase & Em

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