Better tasting beer that chills quicker. Why the heck wouldn’t you use cans?

There are a bunch of reasons for using cans. Here's a 101 on why we love them. 

Aluminium cans block out light and prevent oxidation, which keeps beer tasting the way it should. They are lighter, recycle better, are more durable than bottles and are allowed access to festivals, national parks and other venues where glass isn’t wanted. Cans are like a mini-keg in your hand capable of starting a good time wherever they go. Thumbs up for the humble can.

  • Better Taste - Less light and oxidation means a truer tasting drop. 
  • Chills Quicker - Because no one wants to wait for their beer to get cold.
  • Tsssst - Sounds like the trumpets of angels, heralding the arrival of good times.
  • Tougher - They don't smash. So no more #sadbeerguy moments when tossing your buddies a tin or when you accidentally drop a carton.
  • Just Beer - Thanks to better tech, any metallic taste is a thing of yesterfar.
  • Less Waste - Lighter weight and better storage means lower transport emissions.
  • Recyclable - Even more so than bottles, which go into road construction. Cans make more cans.
  • Easier to Carry - Lighter, stronger, more stackable. Cans will go where bottles are a no, no.
  • No Glass, No Worries - At festivals and parks where bottles are banned, cans are your best friend.
  • The Silver Bullet - Can be used to vanquish werewolves, vampires and politicians. 
  • Street Soccer - Forget a ball? No worries, a crushed tin makes for the perfect game starter.

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