Balter Tank Beer

Balter Tank Beer

What’s better than fresh beer? Lots of fresh beer. That’s not a joke, that’s science.

But how do I hold all this lots of fresh beer I hear you say?
Lots of cans? Don’t be silly.
You hold it in a tank.
But how do I hold this tank?!
Don’t be sillier, the pub holds it.
With bolts. And pride.

Yes, unlike most cutting-edge technology that is useless, as it doesn’t aid the delivery of fresh beer, TANK BEER ensures that fresh cold beer is delivered fresh and cold to the tank, so it reaches your tastebuds, fresh and cold. From brewery to your face, fresh and cold, multiplied by lots. That’s the TANK BEER equation for success.

So, say hello to fresh beer, lots of it, in a tank.

Balter Tank Beer now pouring at
The Avenue (Surfers Paradise)
Burleigh Heads Hotel (Burleigh)
Breakfast Creek Hotel (Albion)
Northcliffe SLSC (Surfers Paradise)
Regatta Hotel (Toowong)
The Plough Inn (South Brisbane)
Emerald Lakes (Carrara)

Full moon hotel (Sandgate) 
The Envy Hotel (Broadbeach)
Hotel Carrington (Fortitude Valley)
Montague Hotel (West End)

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